Friday, February 29, 2008


so, i'm having an art blowout on etsy. i found a bunch of pictures that i matted for a show i did a while back and they're just sitting around here going to waste, so i'm selling for more than 50% less than what i sold them for at the show.

i figure my loss is your gain! i will be adding more pictures throughout today and tomorrow! check back often!

Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm it!

i've been tagged. misti from MDK jewelry designs tagged me. i love misti's style and she's from texas like me! but she's a little farther north (ok, alot farther).

so, here are 7 facts about me:

1) i'm a mom to a 7 month old little boy. he's fantastic (even when i don't get much sleep!) and he's starting to crawl, sit up, and got his first 2 teeth at 4 1/2 months!

2) i'm on the computer WAY too much. i google random things, crawl through etsy, and play in photoshop/lightroom. i could spend the entire day doing those things alone.

3) i love jodi piccoult. her book, my sisters keeper, is going to be a movie soon

4) i'm tired of the presidential debate. already.

5) i can't get to grips with trying to get a business going/cleaning the house/cooking/ and raising a kid. it seems like i can never finish one thing.

6) i hate going to the post office now that i have a baby. i wish the post office would come to me.

7) i hate cleaning the toilet.

7a) ok, there's only supposed to be 7, but i'm guessing you've figured out from my 7 that really there should only be one for me. 1) i have a baby :)

i'm tagging Kim from CapeBags. she makes great bags and is working on a special one as we speak. her writing will crack you up!

Friday, February 22, 2008

new earrings

i am always busy making earrings to post in my etsy shop, but a while back i begged - i mean BEGGED Breezy from Harvest Beads to split up her Sands of Rhun set for me (i only wanted a pair - for me, for earrings). She said she doesn't like to split up sets. :( So, when her next newsletter went out, i asked again. bah, nothing. so, then the third newsletter went out, and poof! she had made me my very own set! woo-hoo. i jumped right on them.

so, here is what they looked like before...

and now...

they're so awesome! it took me a while to figure out a way to dangle them that a)wouldn't distract from the beads and b) wouldn't be too long for me i think i found a happy medium.

Thanks Breezy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

another feature

today has been a good day. seems like i must be doing something right. i had record breaking sales AND i got featured on Kim from CapeBags blog.

see? here:

such kind words kim had for me, and don't tell her, but i don't plan on raising prices just yet ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

learning new things

well, week before last was my mom's birthday, so this year my sisters and i went in together to buy her a beginning lampworking class. something she'd never buy for herself. and to treat myself to an early birthday present for the big 3-0 i went too. :) what a class! and what a class :( i want a torch! and a kiln! and my own space! oh well. for now i'll have to settle for making wire wrapped rings, earrings, and doing a little metalsmithing (beginning) here and there. i also have to find somewhere to put my work up for consignment. so, i guess that's my task for the week. along with cleaning the house, going to the grocery store, taking care of cameron... oh, who am i kidding? i guess it's my task until i get it done. i still have to figure out how to juggle cooking, cleaning, working out, a husband, a kiddo, oh, and making jewelry! i'm trying.

here's my favorite picture right now. taken last week during peaches for dinner.

what a cutie, right?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

50 hearts!

So, I just opened my store a little over a month ago and already I have 50 hearts! Not many, by alot of standards, but alot by mine!

Take a look!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

green fire agate

so, i bought this green fire agate from amy lynne's bead market with every intention of making earrings to sell in my shop on etsy. much to my amazement, when i got the beads in the mail there was NO WAY i could part with them! they're gorgeous. so, i made earrings - for me :) and bought more agate today so i could make earrings to sell as well. i thought i'd share them. here they are. the first picture is in the sun intentionally - the agate absolutely glistens in the sunlight. they look like glass beads, but they're agate.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

first custom order

So, last night I got my first "etsy" custom order from someone who doesn't know me. :) While I was trying to figure out just how to package these little beauties (i usually package them where you can't see the earrings, you have to open the package) I had an actual *lightbulb* moment. I mean big BRIGHT shining lightbulb. I knew my customer ordered these earrings for her wedding party therefore she wanted to be able to see them and touch them before she gave them to her bridesmaids.

This is my lightbulb (keep in mind i already had a stash of these beauties from choosing paint for a new house - and the desire to try and be a little "greener"):

Thursday, February 7, 2008

treasury time!

i have been waiting so long to get to do a treasury on Etsy. I finally got one this morning!!

brandianndesigns treasury on etsy

i decided to feature items out of my favorites that 'go with brown' :) check it out!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

etsy shop update

so, i'm going to be adding some new items to my shop soon, but you get the special preview here! i am following a new line of thinking (for me) and starting a different style of earring (we don't all like the same thing do we?)

here you go!

i will add these items to my etsy shop here either tonight or thursday night. for the first person to purchase one of these items and mention that they read this post, i will throw in a special gift!