Wednesday, January 30, 2008

photo upgrade

so, i decided that some of my work isn't showcased very well because of the rather unflattering photos that i had posted of them - and this must be why they aren't selling...right?

so i've redone quite a few pictures and here are some after and befores:

what do you think? better?

and the kudos keep rolling...

elizabeth from keys and memories is featuring one of my photos on her blog too! it's so great to know that other artists appreciate your work! look for yourself:

and visit her shop here

how awesome is this?

So, i've had a blog for all of one day...and an etsy site for not that long (since dec. 27, 07) and i've already been featured on another artists' blog! look here:

isn't that great? you can visit Bre's blog at coochooloodesigns or her etsy site here

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'm so stoked!

so, after creating this blog i went back over to etsy to list some more earrings for sale. i listed a bunch earlier today, but since the buyers normally work during the day i decided to save some for this evening too. i listed my favorite pair and POOF! they disappeared (along with a second pair) how awesome is that!

here are/were my favs that went to someone who will hopefully love them as much as i do:

So, this is pretty much what I've spent my evenings doing lately (and the occassional naptime). I am working so hard at filling out my etsy shop so my customers have a variety to choose from. I have also been trying to build up stock so I can sell my work at some botique shops around here.