Wednesday, January 28, 2009

want to see...

the cutest kid ever? (isn't he getting big???)

we should be adding to our cute kids any day now! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's talk business cards

let me first say if the pictures don't come up - just let me know, i had to host them through another site because blogger wasn't letting me upload pictures.

it's the new year (thought i missed that didn't you?) and it's time to start re-thinking things when it comes to marketing and your etsy shop. personally, i've opened a new shop where i sell premade and custom banners, avatars, business card designs, logo design...some of the same stuff i sold in my other shop, but i didn't want to bury my jewelry with graphics.

so, i'm posting an idea here for your business card designs (or i can design it for you - hint hint ;) and unique ways to use that little card.

first i spent a couple weeks figuring out the new design for my cards (funny, i can turn out a design for someone else in a couple hours, but mine - a couple WEEKS!) i wanted something unique, different, and eye catching (who doesn't?)

so, this is what i came up with:

looks odd, right? that's because my business cards will be a little labor intensive on my end, but i end up with a few different options and things i can do with them.

first, i have to cut them lengthwise:

then i cut the smaller part into half (following the faint guideline)

now, i have a small business card (about the size of a moo card and two small cards (about 3/4 inch x 1 inch).

so, i can use the business card itself as is, or i can mount it on some coordinating paper (i happen to have some awesome silver metallic paper left over from some wedding invitations i did a while back that match perfectly) but you can find paper at your local scrapbook store.

the smaller cards i plan to use as jewelry tags (maybe i'll think of other uses later) and can use them as is with a hole punched in the corner or i can put another small piece of silver paper behind and connect them with a metallic eyelet - either way i will probably run a piece of string through the hole and hang it from my necklaces and bracelets or tie it to a pair of earrings.