Friday, October 24, 2008

etsy front page


thanks so much for featuring my mother's pendant in your treasury and letting me know it made the front page!

that's so awesome!

i'm not at home so i can't show a picture of the treasury right now, but i will when i get home (wednesday)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008


i've started twittering. i've made a new version of my mother's necklace:

and i created a treasury this morning!

it all started with that gorgeous painting in the middle by Matthew Hamblen.

Fantastic work. Just wanted to share!

Monday, October 6, 2008

have you seen this???

as i've stated jewelry work is headed in a new direction. here's my latest piece:

i've listed it in my shop. it's for a custom order mother's necklace. i think it's gorgeous. i was inspired to make one for me because...duh...i'm a mom. soon to be a mom to two. i wanted one that i knew what it signified, but no one else would (unless they asked) and would just basically look cool. i think i captured that.

my silver work is coming along nicely, huh? just think - a couple weeks ago i couldn't even get solder to flow! :)

and, in shameless promoting of my own shop, don't forget...CHRISTMAS is coming!! only 80 DAYS AWAY!!! (it sounds really close like that, huh?)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ike is over. our yard is clean, everything is working, and it's back to normal - for us at least. for the thousands of people that Ike devastated, well, they're still cleaning. want to see what happened here? go look here. the pictures take a while to load (right now there are 5 pages of them) but they are shocking. and they're not email hoax fakes - i recognize alot of the businesses in many of them.

on a different note, you may have not noticed, but my shop is taking a new turn. i'm getting away from the more 'costumey' for lack of a better word, jewelry and getting more into sterling. i made my first rings on this past tuesday (no pics yet though). today i listed a new bracelet.

different than my normal stuff, but i fell in love with the stones so i had to do something with them. i also have a stack of jewelry that i've made for my shop but somehow they managed to creep their way into 'my jewelry pile' so i'm going to go through that and start listing stuff from there too. i decided just to keep the stuff i LOVE because i dont have enough ears and necks and wrists for all of it!

i sent a necklace and bracelet set (yes, set - something i never do but they requested) in to be published in the January 2009 edition of Bead Trends. it should hit newsstands in the beginning of december, so look for me! :)

that's about it for now. i'm going to try and be a better blogger...what a slacker i've been! oh, we found out what we're having yesterday - another BOY!!! :) still due in the beginning of february sometime!