Friday, May 30, 2008

i can feel...

your jealousy over my new's coming through quite well.

bracelet courtesy of me. beads courtesy of my wonderful hubby for mothers' day.

click on the pictures, make them bigger. check out the awesome beads. really. they're awesome. i love glass. i especially love stoneymariedesigns but not in a creepy way. in the i want to own every bead she makes kinda way.

i told you - send me beads i will make you one! :) you know you like it. it's so awesome. (hmm, i'm not proud am i?)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

let's talk beads

ok, remember the beads i told you about by stoneymariedesigns? i haven't received any beads that you've bought from her and mailed to me yet. hello people! don't you want to own her beads?? go on, go shop!

if you mail me beads by her, i will make you something beautiful (for a fair price)

like this gorgeous necklace i just listed in my etsy shop:

slacker alert!

i have been such a slacker! i haven't posted in ages. in all honesty, i have a reason - cameron was sick all last week.. well, not really sick, but he ran a fever from tuesday - saturday. (it got up to 103.6 at one point!) there was nothing else wrong with him. we did take him to the dr. but he just confirmed what we thought. he can't find anything else wrong with him, so we just have to wait. if it hadn't gotten better by saturday, then we were going to have to do further digging.

thank goodness it was better by saturday!

on a different note, thanks to a wonderful customer of mine, my shop has been down to almost nothing so i'm working on posting some new jewelry. here's a sneak preview:

Monday, May 12, 2008

the cutest kid EVER

see? i wasn't lying. he really is the cutest kid ever.

we can't believe he's ours.

mother's day

happy belated mother's day everyone!

my husband is AWESOME! he bought me the best beads from StoneyMarie Designs. what?!? you've never heard of her beads? well, shame on you! go there. buy beads. send these beads to me as well (see previous post). here are my new favorite earrings:

i will take pictures of all the beads i got for mother's date later this week.

also, i took some new pictures of the kid this evening. i will post them soon. you will be jealous. he's so adorable!

on a side note, the bread i made was awesome! 4 ingredients. no kneading. i will post the recipe this week as well!

have a great evening!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

the kid, some flowers and tint

first the kid. THIS would be the reason we call him 'fluffy head' it's apparently the new fashion. we can't make his hair lay down. i'm hoping as it gets longer the weight of it will make it lay down. poor little guy. he will never be able to have short hair unless he wants it to stick straight up. hopefully mohawks will be in fashion when he gets big! two cowlicks - whoda thunk it?

second, some zinnias from my garden. only two today - there are a bunch of flowers though. all colors.

third, we had our windows tinted in our living room yesterday. unfortunately, they need scaffolding to reach our second story windows so they will do that next week. in the meantime i wanted to take a picture so we'd remember how bright it actually was in there. so hot in the summer that watching tv between 2pm and 6pm is a joke and i could seriously cook dinner on the slate flooring. if i wanted to eat dog hair with my dinner... ;) they say the tint should knock out about 70% of the heat and glare coming through the windows. 70% that's a bunch!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

eye candy

the new definition:

with a dose of glorious green gaudiness on top:

obviously i got my new beads from BlackRiverBeads. they're awesome. (green gaudy beads not from blackriverbeads)

go there. buy beads! then send them to me! ;)

Monday, May 5, 2008


here's that baby picture i was talking about from my last post. the one with the socks on the ears and pants on his head? tee he he. everyone says he will hate me one day for this picture.

oh well, at least at that time i will still be able to laugh at the picture! and you also get a bonus picture today:

that's the hat my mom made for him last winter! it's so adorable. too bad it's too small for him already. that, and it's summer here now. that kinda puts a damper on the hat wearing until november - maybe december.

i bought some new supplies this week. there's this neat blog that i read all the time for inspiration. she does great work. well. come to find out she has started selling supplies too! visit her shop at AdobeSupplies and tell her brandi sentcha. she's on vacation right now though, so if you do order anything - be patient!

that's about it. i got the supplies from her 2 days after i ordered them. talk about fast shipping! also, i ordered some lampwork beads. they're like tiny sculptures...but i probably won't be selling any jewelry with them...i'm stingy. and they're awesome. see:

that's about it for now. maybe i'll post some pictures of stuff i actually made soon. i did make a pair of earrings...

and we have company flying in thursday until monday so you may not hear from me for a while...don't be suprised! have a great week, and if i don't talk to you before then - Happy Mother's Day!