Thursday, June 12, 2008

now in sterling...

i made a version of the bracelet you're jealous of (come on, admit it) this time in sterling. 16 gauge. big beads. gorgeous beads. stoneymariedesign beads :) of course!

but i also learned something interesting. i thought i'd share. on encased lampwork beads the clear on the outside 'magnifies' the colors inside. that's why they really look layered. i was swimming the other day and realized that when my bracelet (yup, mine - won't be selling this one either...i hear you can she afford NOT to sell it? answer is simple - i have to have a sample to make sure everything works right, don't i? ;) ) anyways, back to what i learned. i found out that when the beads are underwater they don't look so layered. it's really cool. so i took some pictures to show you the difference. aren't i awesome. lol. not really.

above water:

under water:

can you see the difference? isn't that cool? just thought i'd share.

on a different note, voting is still in progress for the holiday cards (see my last post if you missed it) and i have my fingers crossed! i can't wait to find out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

holiday card voting begins!

i'm posting this to solicit votes :)

about a month ago i entered a holiday card design contest and today the voting begins. three of my designs made the short list and if i place 1-5th place then my design will be for sale on the website for this christmas season, plus i'll win a cash prize!

here are the submissions:

my designer name is brandianndesigns and if you like my work, i'd appreciate your support! i don't know if you have to register with to vote, but it's free, and i'd be grateful!

thanks so much!

here's a preview of what you'd be voting for: