Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i really haven't fallen off the earth.......

contrary to popular belief.

life happened, a new online store happened, but most of all, hurrican Ike happened.

on september 12th hurricane ike rolled through knocking out power to 4.1 million houstonians (galvestonians, texas citians, etc). most people have power, but we are still part of the 616,000 center point customers without. we have our fingers crossed to have power restored thursday. and hopefully with power our water will return as well.

thankfully, my mom has power, running water and sewer. we have been here since last wednesday. before that on sunday we evacuated to austin for a few nights of blissful a/c and internet. (yes, internet is an absolute priority for us...sad isn't it?)

i have family and friends still without power, so we are very aware of just how lucky we really are.

so, on a different note, i am starting a new online consignment store. i am looking for consignees of all kinds. my shop, ginger & lime will carry handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind, trendy accessories for you, for him, for your babies and children, for your pets, and for your home.

if you think you fit the bill, please email me or contact me through my etsy shop for more info. in the meantime, the only items listed in the new shop are mine, so the selection is VERY poor :)