Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wow...over 2 months since i've posted!

time really flies. i'm sure no one will ever come read my blog again because i've been so neglectful. :(

but, in case you do, here's what i've been doing.

last night i sewed a new purse :) i'm so pleased with it. i made it with dish towels that i already had. don't worry. they're cute dish towels. see:

i've finished the etsy catalog that i was working on...i know, i never posted details here. maybe i'll do another one later this year - if i can find someone to help me with the photoshop grunt work. can we say BOR-ING??? anyways, it's done and off to print now so fingers crossed!

here's a photo i took for the catalog...i only photographed the cover photographs. everything else in the catalog are the sellers' own photos (not the best idea ever!)

kim...if you read this. i have a couple questions about the last few bags i've made. i can't figure out how to keep the liner from drooping when you put in a magnetic closure. any tips?


mdk jewelry designs said...

LOVE the purse! It is so cute. I have missed your blog posts. How are your little ones?

I have been meaning to send you an email. I finally got my new dslr camera. I got an EOS Rebel XS. I love my new camera. I just need to learn how to shoot better pics with it.

brandianndesigns said...

the little ones are good. getting big (HUGE rather) as you can imagine! dylan (the baby) gained a pound a week for the first 6 weeks! he's a super chunk!

he's doing really well though. cameron is an awesome big brother. he's not quite big enough to be jealous, yet.