Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please Welcome...

Dylan Anthony Berry

born 2.12.09
5:35 am
8 lb 3 oz
19.5 in.

what a birth! my water broke at 4:15am and we got to the birthing center at 5:00 am and he was born at 5:35 am! it's 8:35 am and we're already back home with the new baby! :)

we're so proud!


mdk jewelry designs said...

Welcome to world sweet baby, it has been waiting for you! He is so handsome. Congrats! You are already home? Wow. I wish I could have given birth and come straight home.

Thanks for sharing. Blessing to all. said...

He's beautiful!
How are you? Is everyone healthy?
Is it me, or the camera, or is that a big boy!?!

CarolynArtist said...

Welcome new baby boy!!! :-)

José said...


Say, did you go to the maternity hospital, or to the drive in ? :-)
Wish all the best.

Kind regards,


Grace M said...

I love this, I had all of mine at home and it is great to be home soon after the birth, your own bed, stuff, and food! Oh, and no nurses coming in to bug you. Here's some late congrats from me! He and his brother must be so big now.